Tony Horzen, President & CEO

Tony Horzen brings a well-rounded wealth of business experience, industry knowledge and an exceptional passion for customer service to HSL. An energetic entrepreneur from a very young age, Tony started his first business - a chicken ranch - when he was just 8-years old. He produced, packaged, sold and delivered the eggs on an ATV to neighbors for 10 years, and also had a stand at the local Farmer's Market.

Selling his equipment and customer route to a larger egg farm at the age of 18-years old, he used the capital to start an ice distribution company - the second in a series of successful trucking and distribution businesses he has owned and operated through the years, servicing customers throughout California. Starting High Street Logistics in 2006 to meet the needs of clients who ship nationwide, Tony attributes his success to hard work, a great attitude and always placing the customer first.