About Us.

High Street Logistics is a Freight Transportation Provider based in San Luis Obispo, California, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the Central Coast. We provide complete freight transportation services to manufacturers and shippers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. With sales increasing by over 100% each year since its inception, High Street Logistics is on track to be a major player in freight transportation.

Our story - a company vision based on values.

"Provide excellent customer service always. The rest will sort itself out on its own."
- Tony Horzen, President, High Street Logistics

When Tony Horzen, an entrepreneur and 20-year veteran of the trucking and distribution industry, became frustrated by the major deficits he experienced in the reliability and service levels of many freight transportation companies, he decided to address the issue in his own way - by starting a freight brokerage company based on values that addressed those needs.

Leading by example with a contagious enthusiasm, strong work ethic, and belief in treating everyone with respect, Tony insists on honesty and integrity from everyone associated with his company. High Street Logistics has therefore developed a reputation for reliability, communication, follow-through, and responsiveness to customer's special needs. According to Tony - Customers often call just to ask trucking-related questions, knowing they'll always get straightforward and unbiased advice. We've worked hard to build that confidence, and we appreciate their trust.

Our people -- Expertise makes the difference.

We take service seriously. At High Street Logistics, everyone understands that creating value for our customers means regularly exceeding their expectations, whether it's working late to cover a last-minute load or starting early to make sure an East Coast truck is on time for a pick up.

Our Professional Logistics Coordinators are hand-selected for traits and experience that fit our customer service-driven corporate culture, then put through a rigorous training process that arms them with the tools necessary to handle our clients' important needs. Logistics coordinators bring their individual pride of business ownership, dedication, and a personal stake in customer satisfaction to our team, while we provide administrative and technological support so they can stay focused on what they do best - getting customer's freight moved.

Our carriers are also carefully pre-screened for proper certification and an active operating license with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prior to each job to assure safety and reliability.